“Children are the voices of the future, and the future is the next minute of now.” 

Welcome! “Train-up a child in the ways that you seek them to grow in and when they grow, they won’t depart from it” ~Proverbs. Africa is not just a geographical location on earth, but rather every single young child born and raised in the cultures and values we strongly believe in. At Hope For Africa Children’s Foundation, you and I have a chance to be part of the movement and raise the next generation. Take time and know more about us and browse through our programs, above all how best you can join us. Thank you again for taking the time.

We are dedicated to working with our ministry partners and local communities in creating and disseminating integrated programs to help households affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic,ileteracy, in Uganda to break the cycle of the nail biting poverty.
Through working with our partners, household heads, community leadership and schools leaders, our mission is to rise global ambassadors of transformation
We believe that when members of the households enjoy good health; have the right attitude; access basic needs and their children are able to acquire quality education, they are able to steer development in the community and therefore break the cycle of poverty. For this to happen, a few people must stand out to steer all effort.

Our Values
Accountability: We are highly accountable to our donors and the children, families and communities that we serve. Every donation is used as agreed with the respective donor.
Integrity: Honesty in all that we do! All people involved in our programs; recipients and donors, know that we are truthful.
Efficiency: Resources are scarce and MUST be used sparingly while not compromising quality. We employ a “Value for money” management model which looks at efficiency, effectiveness and economy.
Resourcefulness: While we continue to seek for donations to support our programs, we explore and advise families on the locally available opportunities. We advise people on how to best use their available resource.


What makes us distinct?
Many organizations design activities basing on results of surveys and experiences of either other Organizations or their managers. Unfortunately these surveys many times do not portray the reality. People will always behave differently at the face of a stranger and many times surveys alone cannot provide the correct information to support proper planning. The Rural Communities are further complicated because people will always tell you what you want to hear and show you what you want to see. In such cases all planned activities may be based on incorrect information which either leads to wastage or failure to realize the planned outcomes.
What makes us distinct is the fact that we are located in our areas of operation. We live in the communities where we work and therefore have the opportunity to plan activities and interventions that suit the exact problem. This minimizes wastage and under estimation which helps us to achieve optimum output from all effort and finances invested. We have the opportunity to interact with the children and their guardians, the local leaders and school leaders even before we announce a program to benefit a particular group in the community. And because people know that we live in the community, surveys yield information that is more dependable and therefore helpful to guide well the process of planning and implementation.
1. Empower Communities
2. Create Local Champions And Role Models
3. Create Partnerships
4. Work As A Team